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Review of the Sheila Boylan workshop Jan 03, 1999

by Amy Ellison
Hi: for those who couldn't make it to the Saturday fiddle workshop conducted by Sheila Boylan & hosted by big plain records, here is a brief review: Great workshop! There were maybe 13 participants of varying levels. Sheila discussed specific characteristics of Donegal style fiddling, including bowed ornamentation and provided some good samples to listen to. She then taught us a tune (for anyone who would like a copy - I have some) and worked with each person both individually and as a group. For anyone who has (or hasn't) been to a music workshop-one of the most painfully difficult things for both instructor and student - as well as the most valuable to the student, however to get each person to individually try a tune and provide input. Sheila did an exceptional job of doing this, encouraging each person (everyone shakes in their shoes at soloing in front of a bunch of other fiddlers) and providing each with some very welcome input and pointers pertinent to each student's style. The workshop lasted 2 hours and was exceptionally well done. Looking forward to Turlach's next project... Word is there are more workshops in the planning phase, featuring an assortment of instruments. Don't miss them! They are absolutely invaluable, and a chance to look at various traditional styles, regardless of the instrument you play.

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