Mike Dugger


McGonigel's Mucky Duck
2425 Norfolk
Houston TX 77098


1 p.m. Saturday February 13th 1999


$15, $10 for students


Fiddle players interested in learning more about techniques and styles in Irish Music

Following the success of the Irish fiddle workshop by Sheila Boylan, big plain records is happy to present a workshop by Sunrush and Scartaglen member Mike Dugger. Anyone interested in learning more about Irish music, especially fiddle players, should attend this workshop.

Mike teaches beginning fiddle at the Swannanoa Gathering, one of the premier Irish Music camps in the USA. A founding member of Scartaglen with Roger Landes, Mike came late to Irish Music in 1982 after attending a performance by the great Irish band DeDannan. His first efforts were as a guitar player and singer. As his love for this music grew, his need to be a melody player manifested itself first on the tenor banjo and mandolin, finally settling on the fiddle in 1985.

Mike Dugger has appeared on recordings by Scartaglen and Sunrush. He also has a solo recording titled At Early Dawn. Some of these recordings will be available for purchase after the workshop. At Early Dawn is also available online at www.bandstore.com

This workshop is the second in a series intended to provide the Houston Celtic community with access and exposure to some of the many exceptional players and teachers in Irish music. big plain records is committed to providing resources for South Texas musicians to increase their skill and enjoyment in Irish traditional music.


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