Paddy O'Brien
with Pat Egan



Next Door Coffee Shop
3501 West Alabama, Houston
7:30 pm Thursday April 22nd


$5 general admission


Musicians and listeners interested in
learning about Irish Music
Irish music has seen great changes in the last few decades. In a world with Riverdance and Supergroups there is still a place for the old tradition. Join master musicians Paddy O'Brien and Pat Egan in an entertaining lecture and discussion as they reach for the soul of Irish music.

Paddy O'Brien is, by dint of nationality, experience, and talent, one of the leading authorities on Irish music, both as a scholar and as a traditional musician. His recognition as an authentic primary source for tunes was demonstrated when his music was selected for inclusion in Breandan Breathnach's Ceol Rince na hEireann, the foremost scholarly work on the tradition. His mastery of the two-row button accordion was also acknowledged through prestigious awards: he was named Oireachtas champion four times, and All-Ireland senior accordion champion in 1975.

For many devotees of Irish music, Paddy O'Brien is the embodiment of the living tradition, one who understands and communicates the essence of Gaelic culture, going beyond technique to the spirit that drives the music. Paddy O'Brien captures the creativity, honesty, and enthusiasm that great traditional music is all about.

Pat Egan is well known in Houston and has visited the city many times to perform. His sensitive guitar accompaniment and evocative singing have made him a recognized talent internationally. Pat has made extensive tours of the United States, and has also performed in Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany, and Scotland.

Paddy and Pat will be performing at The Mucky Duck on Tuesday April 20th with piper Tim Britton in the group Chulrua. Please show your support for their generous donation of time and effort by attending their show. Contact the Mucky Duck at 713.528.5999 or visit their website at www.mcgonigels.com. Chulrua has released a new CD which will be available for sale at the workshops and also at their performance.

These workshops are a continuation of a series that aims to provide the Houston Celtic community with access and exposure to some of the many exceptional players in Irish music. big plain records is committed to providing resources for South Texas musicians to increase their skill and enjoyment in Irish traditional music.


sponsored by St Luke's Methodist Church

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