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1. Boys of the Town/Mist Covered Mountain/Brid Harper's Jig
The third tune might have a different name but it came from Brid so that's what we call it at home.
Sheila - fiddle | Gerry - guitar | Turlach - flute

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2. The Pikemen's March
An unusual tune and a favourite of the great flute player Desi Wilkinson.
Turlach - flute
3. The Kilfodda Reel/Mary Bergin's
I don't really have a name for the second tune but I think Mary Bergin plays it and who better to name it after anyway.
Colleen - cittern | Sheila - fiddle | Turlach - flute
4. Andrea's Waltz (real audio)
This lovely tune was composed by Bob Pasquarello and I first heard Eden playing it a couple of years ago.
Colleen - cittern | Eden - fiddle | Turlach - flute
5. Catharsis/Reel a Louis Beaulieu
The first tune was composed by Amy Cann of Vermont and the second is French Canadian. I got them from Eden.
Eden - fiddle | Julia - piano | Dave - mandolin | Turlach - flute
6. Con Cassidy's Jigs
Con Cassidy was a great fiddle player from Teelin in Donegal. The second jig is also known as Daniel Collins Father's Jig.
Ruairi - flute | Turlach - flute
7. Rose Marie/Mary Finn's Reel
Rose Marie is a favourite of John Kennedy, the man that taught me to play the flute. I heard another name for it last year but I've forgotten. My sister Maeve learnt the other tune a long time ago from Mary Finn.
Sheila - fiddle | Gerry - guitar | Turlach - flute
8. Seamus Quinn's/The Blackthorn Stick/Rosewood
These are common jigs around home and The Blackthorn Stick is one of the first tunes everyone learns.
Colleen - cittern | Sheila - fiddle | Turlach - flute
9. The Road to Ballymac/Mulhaire's Reel (real audio)
The first reel is a composition of accordion player Vincent Leslie.
Colleen - cittern | Sheila - fiddle | Turlach - flute
10. Johnny's Wedding/Colonel Rodney's
Learnt Johnny's Wedding in Doolin from the box playing of Josephine Marsh and John Williams. My family calls the other tune The Stubborn Mule in honour of no-one we know.
Turlach - flute
11. The Tidy Cottage/Ithaca Reel
EJ composed these reels, the first during a flurry of domestication and the other while on tour in Ithaca, NY. I'm flattered that he used the names I suggested.
EJ - Highland bagpipes | Terrence - dumbek | Turlach - flute
12. President Garfield's/The Japanese Hornpipe
The first tune came from Ryan's, a nineteenth century collection of American Music, the second from the playing of Seamus Begley.
Julia - piano | Turlach - flute
13. The Controversial Reel/The Concert Reel
The controversial Reel was written by Billy McComiskey. I don't remember where I learnt the other one.
Turlach - flute
14. The Little Tail Waltz
My sister Maeve learnt this waltz to play at her friends' wedding in Italy. It was composed by Fabio Rinaudo of the Italian group 'The Birkin Tree' and featured on their album 'The Continental Reel'.
Sheila - fiddle | Gerry - guitar | Turlach - flute