The Derry Boat
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1. Paddy's Trip to Scotland, The Chicago Reel
2. Cooley's, Mulhaires
3. The Piper's Despair, Fox on the Town
4. Twelve Pins, Christmas Eve, Stubborn Mule
5. Maureen McCrystal's, Health to the Ladies
6. Star Of Munster, Reconciliation

Baile Bhuirne Jig Set:
7. Westering Home,
Mrs Murphy's,
As I roved out,
The Kaiser,
The auld favourite.

Newport Set:
8. Strike the Gay Harp, Boys on the Town, Buttermilk Mary
9. The Hangmans's Noose, The Fairies' Hornpipe
10. Bill Sullivan's, Cottage Polka(II), Annie Laurie

Cashel Set:
11. The Derry Boat, Dan O'Keefe's
12. Jim Ward's, Colonel Byng
13. Peigin Leitin Mor, Denis Murphy's, Kerry Polka
14. Boys of Bluehill, The Cuckoo's Nest
15. Out on the Ice,
O' the Britches Full of Stitches,
The Lakes of Sligo
16. Where did you get that Hat, Orchard County