The Derry Boat
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"I just opened "The Derry Boat" CD that I ordered from (big plain records). It's GREAT!..... marvelously energizing!"
- Mary Ann McGrath Swaim, Director, The New Orleans School of Irish Dance

" I just got the CD. Tell your friends and relations that it's great. It's got great lift for dancing too.
If you ever find a group of folks who are interested in set dancing, let me know. I teach set dancing in Albuquerque and have done so for a number of years. I've also taught in Tucson, Kansas City, MO, and El Paso."

- Kelley Skehen, Albuquerque, NM

"I am really enjoying the album--great tunes, some familiar to me and some not, and a really TIGHT sound. Very danceable! It's a great addition to current dance music resources! It's the only music I've found so far that is played straight through for the Ballyvourney Jig Set, as it is currently danced (even in Ballyvourney, so I'm told). And thanks for including the bar counts--it seems that I'm always looking for music of a suitable length for dances for which I don't have specific cuts, and bar counts make this task immensely easier."
- Marilyn Moore, Rockville, MD

"I'm very pleased with the CD. The melodies are bright, uplifting, and played with wonderful spirit. The rhythm accompaniment (piano) balances the melody well - does not overpower it. This is hard to find in ceili band music! I enjoy listening to this CD even when I'm not dancing!"
- Helen Gough-Conboy, Prince Edward Island, Canada

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